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Our consultants begin by clearly defining business needs and range of contracting options. We then integrate proven best practices into your organization’s identified areas of opportunity. The process is a partnership.  Our aim is not to change client systems, but to build client-specific methodologies and implementation tools to help ensure immediate results and a working process for continuous performance improvement. In addition, you will gain customized tools and processes that guide you through:  contractor bidding, contract award, orientation, training, contractor management, auditing and post-contract evaluation.

We help business owners: 

  • Protect people, the environment, and assets

  • Proactively mitigate contractor performance risk

  • Reduce project general liability and worker insurance costs

  • Improve contractor performance, as measured through assessments and audits

We help contract managers: 

  • Protect people, the environment, and assets

  • Manage the safety and quality performance of short-duration employees

  • Strengthen credibility with owners for repeat business and better market competitiveness

  • Gain access to best practices for project management to help avoid disruption, productivity loss, and schedule slippage

1.Workplace Safety & Operational Excellence

Ouroboros HSE- Vison team of safety consultants have both the technical expertise and industry experience to support your organisation in developing and maintaining affordable, practical and sustainable safety solutions.

Over the years, Ouroboros HSE-Vision has supported clients of all sizes across a variety of industries, with the common theme being the development of systems and processes that lead to safe work practices, and environments that protect people and comply with local legislation and international best practice.

Our safety team works collaboratively with organisations to improve operational efficiency, drive safety performance, and build awareness of health and safety among employees. We can assist your business to identify and control hazards, comply with organisational and regulatory requirements, and establish robust contractor management processes.

With our team of experts, we help integrate & improve your company’s overall performance, from reducing risk to transforming your safety culture.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Development and Implementation of Safety Management Systems

  • OHS Auditing and Inspections (internal and certification)

  • OHS and Workplace Legislative Compliance

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Management

  • Providing guidance on Major Risk Facilities

  • Critical Risk Standards and Controls

  • Operational Risk Reviews

  • Incident Investigations

  • Develop and Implement Training Packages

  • Contractor Management Systems

  • Help develop systems to reduce risk

Our consultants integrate processes, technology, governance, mindsets and behaviours, culture and capabilities to mitigate risk and create safer, more productive work environments. We can help you improve your business performance by protecting, creating and extracting more value from all of your assets.

In partnership with our clients, we develop tailored, outcome-based solutions that specifically address your risk landscape. We also identify critical, “quick-win” opportunities for risk reduction so you can start seeing immediate results.

To ensure lasting, continuous organizational progress, we prioritize three areas of improvement:


Not all risks to your organization are equal. Enabled by proven technologies and best practices, our risk management architecture helps you manage risk differentially for maximum impact by empowering your team to continuously recognize, prioritize, assess, address, report, and ultimately, mitigate risk.


We strengthen your culture through engagement and continuous learning, focusing on the difference between actions and sustainable outcomes to help your employees understand the importance of risk mitigation.


We help your business manage risk so you can thrive and grow during changes, disruptions and unforeseen events. Learn how to prevent disruptions, increase organizational preparedness and recovery and continuously improve operations.

2.Environmental Consulting

The Ouroboros HSE-Vision Environmental Services team are world leaders in environmental management techniques and comprise highly specialised consultants with in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements, technical assessment methodologies and monitoring techniques.  We are also recognised as leading practitioners in providing environmental expertise to support global funding programs in developing countries. Ouroboros HSE-Vision have a proven delivery record with international financial institutions, commercial banks, private clients, and governments in the resources, infrastructure, and development sectors.

Ouroboros HSE-Vision can assist your business mitigate environmental and social risks and minimise associated costs. Our team works collaboratively with organisations to build awareness of environmental concerns, enhance environmental performance, and maintain a social licence to operate.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

●     Environmental Management and Monitoring

●     International Cyanide Management Code Auditing and Consulting Services

●     Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

●     Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services

●     Environmental Auditing and Due Diligence

●     Environmental Approvals

●     Environmental Training and Capacity Development

●     Social Performance Management

●     Cultural Heritage


Years of Ouroboros HSE-Vision contracting experience has resulted in the development of a proprietary six-step implementation process that drives contractor performance success. With this system, our clients understand and apply our effective contractor management methodologies to control and build successful contracted environments..

Contractor Selection 
We help clients compile a qualified bidders list, pre-screened for safety compatibility with the organization’s operating safety principles.

Contract Preparation 
Providing volumes of lessons learned, best practices and policy, we help clients craft binding documents that effectively communicate performance expectations for the best possible contracted outcomes.

Contract Award 
This step enables clients to conduct an effective review of specifications in bid pre-award and kickoff meetings, arriving at clear understandings of performance expectations by all parties.

Orientation and Training 
Our approach engages contract workers in the site and culture, building skills, knowledge and a shared commitment to performance requirements.

Managing the Contractors 
Based on the Essential Elements for successful daily contractor management, we provide management system support that yields continuous improvement in system policy, procedure and contract administration.

Post-Contract Evaluation 
We provide tools to capture and assess contractor performance periodically and upon contract completion, which ultimately help to improve future contract selection and contractor performance.

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