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Plastic Pollution Earth DAy

Plastic Pollution the theme Earth Day 2018 aiming to:

  • change human attitudes and behaviour regarding plastics, and
  • inspire and demand effective action to reduce and control it.

Statistics indicate annually sales of plastic are upwards of 300 million tonnes and 90% are thrown away. An enourmous percentage end up in landfills, as well as in wildlife and our own bodies - unless we take action, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050. Every member of our society bears some responsibility for this.

OWM has taken this up and progressing towards initiating the conversation about waste:

There is a drive to assist and develop waste-sorting/waste segregation on campus and to communicate and discuss what one can do to reduce plastic and improve the current process

Also for the initiation of individuals, brand ambassadors to work closely with OWM and contribute towards a greener Pakistan and Australia that is sustainable. Our goal is to initiate conversation within households, communities, suburbs, schools to be aware of their waste footprint and purse waste minimisation and expand collection in addition to waste free living.

Join our mission WaronWastePakistan and WaronWasteAustralia

Having a 'zero waste' and 'plastic free' campus is one of the goals of OWM, which has been pursuing the development and implementation of such initiatives in institutions educating the next generation of leaders.

If you, your school or institution want to join and pursue this initiative contact us!